Floor Plan Requirements


So that we can provide a more accurate quote for your site(s) we need a few details.

Please provide a quick sketched floor plan (one for each of your sites) with the following information on it:

  • Site Layout
    A rough approximation of the layout of the site – please include all floors, rooms and obstructions such as internal walls
  • Dimensions
    We need to get an idea of how large your site is – please provide as many accurate measurements you can – if accurate measurements aren’t possible, please ensure the plan is to scale so we can estimate any unknown measurements, based on those you’ve provided
  • Thick Walls
    If any walls are particularly thick or are made of an unusual material which might be particularly good at blocking a wifi signal (e.g. reinforced concrete) – please mark the location on the plan. You don’t need to include thick external walls, unless there is a seating area on the other side which will need to have wifi signal
  • Location of doors
    The location of all internal and external doors
  • Seating/standing areas
    The rough location of designated seating/standing areas so we know where your customers will usually be located within your site – please include outside seating areas (if they require a wifi signal)
  • Location of existing internet connection (if applicable)
    If the site already has an internet connection, the location of the router/modem

Please remember this doesn’t need to be 100% accurate and the floor plan can be a simple drawing on a piece of A4 paper – it doesn’t need to be a technical drawing from a computer if that’s easier for you. We just need to have an idea of the layout, size and construction of your site.

Once complete please email your plan to info@guestwifihotspot.com Рthis can be an image of the page taken on a smartphone for convenience, but please make sure the photo we receive is in focus and clear enough to be legible.

Please note: This does not need to be overly accurate!
It should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete this for a standard sized Bar/Cafe/Restaurant.

Once we’ve received it we will give you a call to discuss it in further detail and/or provide you a full quote.


Download our helpful grid to plan your site