WiFi for Nightclubs using a Guest WiFi Hotspot

Offering Free Nightclub WiFi

If you operate a nightclub you may be missing out on using some simple technology that will make your nightclub more attractive, increases engagement with your customers and makes your marketing super easy!

What a lot of nightclub operators don’t know is that they can attract more customers by offering guest WiFi using the internet connection they already have!

WiFi for Nightclubs

Nightclubs can use a Guest WiFi Hotspot to deliver free WiFi to their customers using an existing internet connection. The WiFi asks customers for their name,  email address and so on, capturing all important customer details. The guest information is then stored and can be used for highly targeted nightclub email marketing, social media marketing and even mobile marketing.

Using a Guest WiFi Hotspot in your nightclub to gather data is really simple and also offers nightclubs the chance to advertise their offers in house. The branded WiFi landing page can also contain advertising enabling your nightclub to really push offers and promotions to the customer while they are visiting!

Increase your reach

Nightclubs using WiFi can additionally improve their social media presence. Our Guest WiFi Hotspot solution will send each customer one of our LFR emails (Like Follow Recommend). This communication asks the customer to like your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter and submit their recommendations to Trip Advisor.

Best WiFi for Nightclubs

If you’re looking for WiFi a solution for your nightclub Guest WiFi Hotspot is affordable, extendable (we can even cover your outdoor areas) and contains all of the features you need to start using WiFi to become more profitable. We also offer digital marketing services and specialise in driving you profit from your Guest WiFi data.

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For Your Customers...

  • Access to fast free internet
  • Easily find your WiFi
  • Fast and Easy WiFi logon process
  • Social Sign On
  • Welcome Email from your business
  • Offers and Promotions

For Your Business...

  • Promotion Opportunities
  • Grow your Customer Database
  • Grow Social Media Reviews and Likes
  • Customer Insights
  • Plug and Play Equipment
  • Branded WiFi landing page

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